We find parts on the open market.

Other companies distribute electronic components. At A&C, we do it differently, and we think you’ll agree that we do it better. We are an independent distributor, which means that we specialize in finding parts on the open market. The open market for electronic components is global and consists of a network of manufacturers, distributors, and suppliers with immediately available parts. A&C has the experience to know where to find top-quality components and get them to you rapidly, efficiently, and cost-effectively. We are the "go-to" procurement partner for many major electronics OEMS and EMS providers.


Supply Chains are complicated. we make them easier.

We understand that supply chains are complicated and your challenges can be hard to categorize. That’s why A&C offers a range of customizable services or Supply Chain Strategies that address component shortages, slow-moving or excess inventory, staging product for production, and hubbing product for warranty or repair work. We draw from resources that include deep market expertise and a global logistics infrastructure to create programs that optimize your supply chain.

We offer market expertise and customer service.

A&C’s founders are active in the management of our company as they have been for over 20 years. They make sure that our staff around the world is well trained and focused – we all operate with a commitment to delivering the best possible service. To stay on top of the market, we have Commodity Experts who specialize in the major components families that we distribute: CPUs, memory, LCD/LED panels, drives, and ICs. They can assist you with market data to inform your purchasing and inventory decisions, just as they support our account representatives with critical supply and demand information.

Quality assurance is a priority at A&C.

Our logistics and operations staffs offer expertise in quality. Their knowledge is based on years of industry experience and intensive training in counterfeit prevention and detection. They use A&C’s Secure framework to ensure high-quality parts are delivered to you safely and securely. The Secure framework mandates safe-guarding measures that begin with stringent vendor screening and include inspection, testing, and environmental controls.

It all adds up to a TOP ranking.

We think our products, services, market expertise, and quality make us one of the best independent distributor you can find.  But, don’t just take our word for it, Global Purchasing currently ranks A&C as the No. 1 independent distributor of electronic components. We have five offices on three continents and over 60 employees.  Our global reach, transaction volumes, and extensive network of customers, suppliers, and partners around the world, give us the contacts and knowledge to meet your needs.



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