Our inspectors see what the untrained eye misses

Our inspectors are trained to identify counterfeit and sub-standard components. Based on years of knowledge surrounding quality assurance and counterfeit detection and prevention, our inspection process includes careful examination of parts from the outer packaging inward. Once product is received at our facility, the process below is used to ensure product quality.



We source components from qualified vendors you can trust.

Our vendor screening, through our SecureSource program, assures that we receive only top-quality parts and is the first line of defense against counterfeit components. When purchasing components on the open market, we understand that you need the security of knowing that vendors have been carefully screened. All of our suppliers are formally selected, qualified, and continually evaluated. We maintain an internal Vendor Rating System that grades vendors based on performance, credit worthiness and delivery record. New suppliers are selected after evaluation of a Vendor Application, Vendor Questionnaire, Performance Metrics and/or Vendor Audit. We can also customize sourcing activity based on your preference.

SecureTest uses A&C‘s in-house resources to assure product quality.  we provisioned with the most advanced  in-house tools to verify component authenticity and functionality.

Counterfeit Detection

■Decapsulation Machine
■X-Ray Machine
■Stereo & Metallurgical Microscopes
■XRF Analyzer
■Marking Permanency Test / Resistance to Solvents Test
■Scanning Acoustic Microscope
■Solderability Test Machine
■Counterfeit IC Detector
■General Analyzer


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